17 May

While we were wondering why S Voice (Samsung’s first Voice Assistant) wasn’t included in any other phones in the S series after the S5.



Samsung was developing a new assistant named “Bixby” and which is superior to its predecessor, though not in its final version it is available on the S8 and S8+. While it offers many similar features as the other major voice-controlled AIs namely Cortana, Siri and Google Now like map directions and voice search;

Bixby separates itself from the competition by being more conversant with the phone’s ecosystem, it can configure settings via voice commands and due to Samsung being the manufacturer you can be sure Bixby will have a much deeper level of control. Now the next question on your mind is probably “How do i use Bixby on my S8?”, well there are two simple methods; By long pressing the hardware button on the side of the S8/S8+ and the alternative to this is by saying an assigned “wake up” word. Bixby will be integrated with all of the default apps, meaning you can rotate pictures or stream video to a smart TV all with the sound of your voice. The future of Bixby looks promising and will be revolutionary in the voice assistant industry. Thanks for reading this post and if you are interested in purchasing an S8 or S8+, links have been provided below :


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