21inch large aperture to illuminate the whole body and surroundings Stepless dimming remote wireless remote control dimming Brightens and brightens the eyes, brightens and brightens the eyes Comparable to professional photography lights Dual USB charging socket Live charging for two mobile phones Remote control stepless dimming Two dimming modes, one-key night mode Multi-camera multi-platform Custom live broadcast Live broadcast lasts without fever Bright muscle lamp adopts heat dissipation vent design Arbitrary adjustment angle 360  rotating pan  tilt to meet fill light needs Anti-fall measurement The drop resistance is 96 petcent of ordinary fill lightProduct parameters Product outer diameter: 54cm X 54cm X 54cm Product inner diameter: 38cm X 38cm Output power: 65W Number of lamp beads: 560 Color temperature range: 2700K to 6500K Power supply: AC power supply Features

    21 inch Daming muscle aperture Dual USB mobile phone charging function Custom three-camera Remote control  stepless dimming Eye Care Bright LightPacking list:

    1 54cm fill light 21inch

    1  Ball Hand

    1  Remote control without AA battery 3  Mobile phone clip

    1  tripod

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