DELL LATITUDE 7420 5HP79K3 Replacement Part Hard Drive

DELL LATITUDE 7420 5HP79K3 Replacement Part Hard Drive


DELL LATITUDE 7420 5HP79K3 Replacement Part Hard Drive.

Specification: Dell Latitude 7420 5HP79K3 Replacement Part Hard Drive

The Dell Latitude 7420 5HP79K3 Replacement Part Hard Drive is a high-quality storage component designed to fit and function as a replacement for the original hard drive in the Dell Latitude 7420 laptop series. It is engineered to provide reliable data storage, fast performance, and seamless compatibility with the laptop’s hardware and software. Below is a detailed specification of this replacement hard drive:

1. Compatibility:

  • Designed specifically for Dell Latitude 7420 laptop series.
  • Compatible with other models within the same Dell Latitude series, but always verify compatibility before purchasing.

2. Storage Capacity:

  • The hard drive is available in various storage capacities, including but not limited to:
    • 128GB
    • 256GB
    • 512GB
    • 1TB
    • 2TB
    • Other options may be available depending on the manufacturer’s offerings.

3. Form Factor:

  • 2.5-inch form factor.
  • Fits the standard size for internal laptop hard drives, ensuring easy installation within the laptop’s drive bay.

4. Interface:

  • SATA III (Serial ATA-600) interface.
  • Provides high-speed data transfer and improved performance compared to previous SATA versions.
  • Compatible with older SATA interfaces as well.

5. Speed and Performance:

  • The hard drive operates at a rotational speed of 5400 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).
  • Offers quick data access and transfer rates, enhancing overall system performance.

6. Technology:

  • Utilizes Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology (optional, depending on specific variant).
  • NVMe enhances data transfer speeds and reduces latency for faster read and write operations.

7. Cache Memory:

  • May include a cache buffer (cache memory) to improve data access times and overall responsiveness.

8. Data Transfer Rate:

  • Supports data transfer rates of up to 6 Gbps (Gigabits per second) over the SATA III interface.

9. Operating Temperature:

  • Designed to operate within a specified temperature range, typically 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F).
  • These operating temperatures ensure reliable performance under normal usage conditions.

10. Power Consumption:

  • Power-efficient design for extended battery life in laptops.
  • Generally low power consumption to reduce the strain on the laptop’s battery.

11. Reliability:

  • Built with durable components and designed for longevity.
  • Advanced error correction and wear-leveling algorithms to enhance data integrity and extend the drive’s lifespan.

12. Dimensions and Weight:

  • Specific dimensions vary depending on the capacity and form factor of the hard drive.
  • Generally follows the standard 2.5-inch form factor dimensions (approx. 2.75″ x 3.94″ x 0.27″).
  • Lightweight design to ensure it does not add excessive weight to the laptop.

13. Manufacturer:

  • The replacement hard drive is manufactured by Dell or an authorized third-party manufacturer approved by Dell.
  • Genuine Dell parts ensure better compatibility and reliability.

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