11 May

The Solid State Drive more famously known as the SSD is one of the forms of secondary storage with very high read and write speeds of 550 megabytes per second and above, this is possible because unlike other secondary storage media it doesnt make use of magnetic disks, the SSD is made up completely of integrated circuits therefore there are no moving parts and no noise is made during its operation.

The first actual SSD was made by IBM(International Business Machines) in the mid 1950s when they were researching new ways for storing electronic data, it was called the Charged Capacity Read Only Store, “CCROS” for short. It evolved over the years and by the 1990s could store data virtually indefinitely; In those times they were majorly used by corporations and governments due to its high price, today they are available for individual use.

When SSD’s were first invented their primary components were the controller and memory, originally they used DRAM volatile memory till that was replaced by NAND flash non-volatile memory in 2009. The read and write operations are handled by a processor known as the “controller” among other functions.

But as with all things good, the SSD’s price is quite high although this depends on the amount of memory chosen, it more than compensates for the price with its speed and longevity, an added bonus is the silence during its use and low heat. To purchase an SSD for your personal use, visit the links below:



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