12 May

Are you a gamer? or just a PC user looking for an upgrade? Well you’re in luck as a list has been compiled for your convenience, when looking for a PC to run the latest graphic intensive games,keep in mind the fact that good ones don’t come cheap and if money wont be a hindrance then you can proceed to purchase one; There are six major factors to consider  when buying a gaming PC and they’re mentioned below:

  • Graphics Card(The GPU)

Also called “Video Memory”, this is one of the most crucial parts of any gaming laptop as it handles the processing of graphics, the larger the capacity of the card, the faster and smoother the game will run. One of the factors many people remain in the dark about is the difference between Dedicated Graphics and Integrated Graphics, simply put Integrated Graphics do not have their own RAM and make use of a set percentage of system memory, they are not advised for a core gamer Dedicated Graphics are the opposite of the former as they possess their own memory to process graphics. A heavy gamer looking for a PC should avoid purchasing one with integrated graphics as the memory provided is too limited to fully appreciate any heavy games. The best graphic cards in the business are AMD and Nvidia and they offer a large selection though the overall price of the PC increases with an increase in the capacity of video memory.

  • Processor(The CPU)

This factor is not as vital as the graphics card and can be neglected in favor of the graphics card, though similar to the graphics card it performs better with an increase in number of cores, because of this an Octa core will vastly outperform a Dual-Core. An example of a good processor is an Intel Core i5 processor, an even better is an Intel Core i7 with octa core processing power, the best processors are made by Intel therefore a PC with Intel Core processing power is recommended.

  • RAM

The Random Access Memory (or RAM for short) is the part of the PC that stores frequently used programs to achieve faster system by reducing load times, you are advised to get a system with a RAM memory starting from 8gb because most new games use that as their recommended specification, though if you can go for higher without straining your budget do so, the results are worth the price.

  • Secondary Storage/Hard Drive

You can never have too much memory, and these days data can be stored without physical media, still in this case a physical drive is recommended as it is faster and dependable. There are two types of secondary storage, the solid state drive (SSD) and the hard disk drive(HDD) and while the SSD offers faster read and write speeds along with a long life span, they are expensive and hence the HDD is the preferred choice as it is relatively cheap and also has a long life span of operation.

  • Screen

Size and Portability should be put into consideration when looking for a good monitor/screen as a bigger screen could mean better resolution and engaging graphics display, but a smaller one is more portable and could still offer the same engaging display. A 15 inch display with 720p resolution should be the minimum in your search for a gaming screen.

  • Battery Life

This is of utmost importance in a gaming laptop as there are periods when a power outlet isnt available and you are engaged in the game and are reluctant to close it, there are substitutes to take care of this issue like a UPS or any other external power. There is no exact amount of battery life recommended, but the starting point should be from 37 watts.

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